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Top Chefs go Vegan. In the past few years veganism has been on the rise. It’s gone from being viewed as an extreme lifestyle choice to a widely excepted easy change to a more sustainable future. But this movement hasn’t always sat well with a bunch of people we usually look up to, high-end Chefs. So what does a world look like without butter in a Chef’s kitchen? Who are the top chefs that have embraced it with open arms? It’s time to find out. Rosie Mansfield meets celebrity Chef’s and learns more about their current plant based perception. How does a celebrated chocolatier feel about dairy free desserts? A meat aficionado feel about plant based protein? Whether they are fans of the movement or a force to be reckoned with Rosie will ask them to whip a vegan dish in their own home kitchen that even they couldn’t resist ordering off the menu.

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