As a Freelance Broadcast Producer I am always looking to create genuine creative partnerships with production companies. I specialise within the following:



An experienced social producer/director heavily influenced by my own experience as on-screen talent has meant I know how to get the content needed whilst filming is in action. I have worked with celebrities, influencers, brands and television shows to collaboratively create 'wow factor' stills and short-form video to sit on various social media platforms. 

 Factual Entertainment 

My passion has always been and will always be exploring real lives and real people. I believe as long as we continue to be fascinated with the human condition we will always have an appetite for this style of entertainment. Another love is escapism documentary, which coincidentally is becoming very popular as allows viewers to experience lives and worlds they would otherwise never know or see in their own reality and it is this fascination that pulls them into these programs. Particular skills lie within food and sport focused programming. 


I have scribbled down television show concepts since I was a little girl watching Blue Peter and Art Attack. My adoration of television and perhaps a quick witted tongue eventually got me working in front of the camera as a television presenter for the majority of my career, but I will admit on some really bad shows at the beginning! I sometimes couldn't believe the shows that made it to air, so as an experienced Writer I began conceptualising addictive factual entertainment concepts that have the potential to flourish into high quality and popular television. 


A self-confessed Futurist means embracing the wonder of technological advancemet. I have a growing portfolio of 360 video work within the lifestyle, sport and property genre. 

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