Rosie Mansfield is an experienced, confident and wildly entertaining Television Presenter/Producer.


Rosie Mansfield is one of a very small handful of non-binary tv presenters in the UK. She isn't fussy about pronouns, but does lean mostly towards 'Legend'. She has a natural ability to connect with every generation using her warm signature sense of humour and an infectious curiosity to learn a person’s story. It is Rosie's comedy, passion for education and positive outlook that makes her effortlessly charming to viewers. The striking female host can think on her feet and has a contagious energy which reverberates with other TV personalities. British-Australian, after spending over a decade hosting in Australia where she called Sydney home. Oh, but most importantly she can literally turn rock hard stones into chatty drunk wedding Uncles within minutes and finds nothing more pleasurable than facilitating the art of warm charming conversation to witness a human, however famous or important, open up and share their precious story. 


Proven ‘tv friendly’ with an impressive 250+ live and pre-recorded episodes under her belt. As well as being an all-rounded presenter, she comes armed with a distinguished expertise in sport, nutrition and food. Every so often you meet talent that are simply made to present and its obvious that Rosie's passion to help create quality programs is stronger than ever in 2023, producing innovative development treatments for the changing broadcast landscape and on-demand streaming. 


Do you have a presenter-led concept? Rosie is represented by Dominic Price of Milk Management ( Please get in touch if you would like to organise a cup of tea and talk about potentially making a new and exciting tv show or podcast together!  

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