What is my role in broadcast media? I conceptualise contemporary relevant factual entertainment shows that DISRUPT.

If you hope to commission the next First Dates, Love Island or Come Dine with Me we should probably find some time to have a little chinwag. 

Like the nation, I love to watch real lives and real people. That's why my passion is predominantly writing formatted documentary style factual entertainment shows.

Every single one of us is fascinated with the human condition and that appetite for this style of entertainment is only on the rise. 

It's no secret we like to get our rocks off to escapism documentaries as experiencing lives we would otherwise never know or see in our own reality is intoxicating. 

Think...addictive, futurist friendly and diversity positive shows with a headline blowing title thrown in for good measure!

A little about me...

I have scribbled down television show concepts since I was a little girl watching Blue Peter and Art Attack.

My adoration of television and perhaps a quick witted tongue eventually got me working in front of the camera as a television presenter for the majority of my career...but I will admit on some REALLY bad shows at the beginning! 

I sometimes couldn't believe the shows that made it to air, so I started writing the kind of shows I really wanted to watch and would make me proud to work in the broadcast industry.

So how about this, go make a cup of tea, ignore your inbox for ten minutes and peruse my slate of unscripted shows ripe for production/commissioning here. 

How it works?

If you see a concept that takes your fancy please request a pitch pack from me which will contain two forms of visual aids as a way of me communicating my ideas and vision for the show concept. I will send a laser clear pitch deck PDF and a stock video pitch tape to tell a thousand words!

I feel like we are friends now so you may as well get me in for a chat or catch me on the blower. I hope you are excited as I believe Mansfield Production show concepts have the potential to flourish into high-quality popular television shows when placed in the right hands - I’m talking a show you could watch every single day! 

Are you a production company? 

I am always looking to create genuine creative partnerships with production companies who will take care of the vision and creator. I am a passionate Television Writer & busy Television Presenter, so I leave producing the show to established production companies. I can be as involved as you would desire me to be as an associate producer or simply to workshop ideas. 

Are you a network commissioner? 

I know you are busy, so let's keep it short. Firstly, thanks for viewing my shows and please ask any questions you may have contact. I keep up to date with what the channels need, I also know that when working directly with television networks you may have a particular third-party production company you want to pair the show too - no problem. Alternatively, I come with well-formed relationships with UK and Australian production companies, celebrity bookers and entertainment lawyers if required.

 Let's talk