Why do you offer a food diary for free?

#Payitforward #Sharekindness

How quick will you get back to my nutrition question on demand?

Maximum 48 Hours

How much is a consult?

See Rates

Do you do face-2-face consults?

Unfortunately not at this current time. 

What are your qualifications?

- Nutritionist: Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine

- Master Trainer: Cert III & IV in Fitness

Who is your registering body?


Are you insured?


Can I claim my nutrition question on demand with my Health Insurance? 

Unfortunately due to health insurance changes you are not able to currently claim 'complementary therapy'. Angry? Yes, we are too. Want to help? Please talk to your local member about changing this new policy. 

What is your personal eating philosophy?


What is your professional eating philosophy?

80% healthy, 20% controlled indulgence. Life is for living!

Where are you currently based?

Sydney, Australia.