Why do you offer a food diary for free?

#Payitforward #Sharekindness

How much notice do you need to book a Skype consult?

Usually 12-24 Hours

How much is a consult?

See Rates

Do you do face-2-face consults?

Yes. If you live in Sydney, in Australia we can organise a physical consult. I frequently travel to Melbourne and consults can be organised there with a special request. contact me

I don't have Skype?

No problem, we can have our appointment over the phone. contact me

Do I have to use my video camera? 

Nope. Just let me know you would prefer to have it off. contact me

Will I feel overwhelmed with the amount of changes?

No, I will never give you more than three major habit changes a week.

Why are sessions only 15 minutes?

Because that is all you need for me to give you a nutrition mission for the week. 

Why are sessions only once a week?

I drip feed behaviour changes and then allow them to marinate into habits.

Why cant I just buy 1 session?

Rome wasn't built in a day! Skype sessions are purchased in packs of 4 (aka 1 month). 

What are your qualifications?

- Nutritionist: Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine

- Master Trainer: Cert III & IV in Fitness

Who is your registering body?


Are you insured?


Can I claim my Skype consults with my Health Insurance? 

You will need to check with your individual health insurance company. If possible to claim, I will happily email you my health provider number. contact me

What is your personal eating philosophy?


What is your professional eating philosophy?

80% healthy, 20% controlled indulgence. Life is for living!

Where are you based?

Sydney, Australia.