rosie mansfield

I reside in my adopted home of Manly Beach, Sydney. You can find me coaching hungry clients around the globe via my unique 7-Day Food Diary Analysis and 15 Minute Skype Consults, or you may find me working on my delicious clothing passion project Foody Threads©DOWNLOAD FREE FOOD DIARY NOW

Born in 80's coastal Britain I didn't always have an urban squeaky clean diet. I was raised on the very common weekday 'Birdseye-McCain Diet' because it was quick and easy for my hard working single Mother - who is actually a very talented Cook. I didn't complain as I loved fish fingers, mashed potato and baked beans after a long day of confusing Maths and Tamagotchi parenting - Gen-Y will understand!

Now, I'm not sure if it was the beige breakfast cereal, the beige school dinners or the beige after school teas by the tv - but something went very wrong. You see I became a Nutritionist because at a very young age I went KAPUT. Yes, I broke the very vehicle that was supposed to carry me all the way to wrinkles and grey hair. 

rosie mansfield

We are not in control of many things in our life, but the wonderful thing is we do control what goes into our bodies. The very sad truth from my own experience is that we have to hit rock bottom before we start doing this in a nourishing way to prevent disease. 

I hit rock bottom hard and fast. The medical system had failed me and we had no choice to venture into the unknown territory of 'Complimentary Therapy.' In doing so we stumbled upon a local Nutritionist, I started to feel better within 3 weeks and my destiny was set.

I was an energetic Personal Trainer for many years, but turned my head to focus on purely Nutrition a couple of years later by studying at the Australian College of Natural Therapy (ACNT) in Sydney, Australia.  


I consider myself to be a little different from the 'normal nutritionists' because quite frankly I don't do boring. You are busy, right? So I want to give you the nitty gritty facts as fast and simply as possible. I like to think of myself as a little digestive enzyme that breaks down nutrition into bite-size digestible chunks for you to go away and marinate. 

My eating philosophy is the 80:20 rule. 80% of the time I want you to try your very best to fuel your body as clean as you possibly can. 20% of the time I want you to nibble on flavours that make you smile just thinking about them. I love cheese and wine as much as you do, but all good things in moderation! 

I have personally been a Vegetarian from age three. I listened to my body and it never required or requested meat - I was just born that way. I believe a lot of the time we can heal our mind and body by simply tuning into our bodies a little more and listening to what they have been trying to tell us through strange signs and symptoms for years. Not the greatest Detective? Well, this is what I do best, so please feel confident to hire me as a body contractor to solve an ongoing mystery. contact me

rosie mansfield

On my down time, I like to stand up paddle board around the idyllic local coves or surf my beloved longboard with my salty blonde chums. I enjoy discovering new food trends at outdoor markets and reviewing restaurants around Sydney and Melbourne on Zomato.

I discovered the wonderful life tool of meditation a couple of years ago, so when I am not whizzing around trying to fulfil my life's purpose, you may find me practicing the art of modern Buddhism.

Utterly adoring my life and work is what I do best, so if you invite me into your precious world I am sure my infectious positivity will rub off on you.