Nasi Goreng-Style Cauliflower Fried Rice



30 minutes




1 head cauliflower (large, cut into florets)
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
1 red chilli peppers (seeded)
2 tsps. coconut sugar (I used Madhava)
3 tbsps. kecap manis (sweet soy sauce*)
3 tbsps. olive oil
3 eggs (pastured)
¼ cucumber, sliced
peanuts, crushed


Add the cauliflower in batches to the food processor to be evenly chopped (not completely pulverised!).

Scramble one egg and fry it in a hot pan to make a thin omelette, then remove from the pan, cut and set aside.

Heat a wok with olive oil and lightly fry shallots, garlic cloves and red chilli. Add cauliflower rice and stir-fry for about 5 minutes. The cauliflower rice should be soft but still retain a bit of crunch. Add kecap manis and coconut sugar, and cooked cut egg, into the cauliflower rice and stir-fry until fragrant.

In another pan, fry the 2 remaining eggs until well done. Set aside.

Transfer to serving plates, top with fried egg, a slice of cucumber and sprinkle with peanuts and serve immediately.

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