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Tune in on Monday 29th January!

I will be making my debut as the 'Good Chef' alongside Adrian Richardson ‘Bad Chef’ at 4pm weekdays on Channel 10's popular show Good Chef Bad Chef. I will be cooking 100% vegetarian recipes, showing some innovatove food hacks and learning ALOT about meat with the best man for the job!

Missed it? You can tune in every day by watching it on repeat via Tenplay watch here. Make sure you stay in the loop by following me behind the scenes on facebook and instagram

Big love.



  • mAxine

    This is the best combo by a mile. Not all the interruptions . Love your recipes Rosie😀

  • Alan

    Rosie…love your accent as we come from the same part of the world. Love your recipes too; never thought I`d become a vegetarian but I think I`ll be going part way! Still do love a good juicy tender steak though. Really enjoy the show, and have done over the years. Well done Rosie.

  • Ewa Lozinski

    Love You in the show and enjoy watching both of You cooking

  • carmel

    Rosie you are a delightful addition to this “no frills” cookery show and you and Adrian seem to have a natural affinity with each other which makes for easy watching. I will continue to try out your recipes!

  • Helen

    You are a wonderful replacement for the previous two great girls. I enjoy your interaction with the naughty chef!

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